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Welcome to my pity party.

This is (mostly) a closed affair.
However, I humbly invite you to comment for eljay friendship. All the juicy, angsty stuff is f-locked.  

humor post

The Height of Summer

In heavy rotation.



Oh hell, I've gone and found a new musical obsession. As usual, I'm ridiculously late in showing up to this party, but whatever. I'm not good at keeping pace with the up-and-comers. This thing happens: I discover a new band/artist and basically ignore everything else for long periods of time.

Anyway, here's some tuneage.

I'm so confused on what I should be referring to him as. Up until December 18th it was Final Fantasy, but now it's just Owen Pallett.

Either way, I'm experiencing some major violin-induced swooning.

The Lord God Bird- Sufjan Stevens

Why have I become a Christian ornithologist? *shrugs* Good song, anyway.



While I have been listening to tons and tons of Patrick Wolf, it's pretty fair to say that Heartbeats by the Knife is the song of summer 2009.

This is the original version that I fell in love with. It's got that foolish, drunken happiness about it that is so typical of young love.

I just discovered this a few hours ago, and I've been listening to in pretty much nonstop since then. By changing the tone of the song, the lyrics take on an altogether different meaning. It's more somber; not so much about a brief but beautiful love affair, but one that was doomed to be over before it began.

And lastly is a cover by Jose Gonzalez. It's more well-known here in the United States than the original version is because it was featured on Bones and some nifty Sony commercial, which is a shame. That's not to say that this isn't a nice song. Give it a listen.

Ben Bernanke- Lemon Demon

I can't even describe how awesome this is.